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Special Situations Funds



Abacus Capital manages customised Special Situations funds for a variety of investors including business families, corporations and financial institutions.  Special Situations funds focus on specific industries, with a strong emphasis on pre-investment research and analysis, market timing for investments and divestments, and value enhancement through the management of strategy and business growth.

Current and previous funds have been active in Selected Industries, including:

Natural Resources – Concentration on Agri-Energy

Mining – Concentration on Coal, Gold and Copper

Oil & Gas and Services – Concentration on On-shore and Off-shore Drilling

Energy – Concentration on Power Generation and Renewables



Geographically the funds have focussed on the emerging markets in Asia, and in particular Southeast Asia, with a long track record of successful investments in Indonesia in particular; and have had some exposure to emerging markets in Southern Africa and Latin America.   

The funds adopt Investment Strategies that look for investment opportunities that carry some or several of the following characteristics:

Deep Value – Businesses undervalued due to market segment, geography, or history

Distressed & Turnaround – Insolvency situations that require re-capitalisation

Accelerated Growth – Fast growth business that require expansion and acquisition capital

Significant Corporate Events – Change of ownership, Restructuring, pre-IPO

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