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About Us

About Us

Abacus Capital is uniquely positioned to provide investors with targeted investment opportunities, asset management services to nurture corporate investments, and advisory services to opportunistically enhance shareholder value

Abacus Capital is an Asset Management and Advisory group headquartered in Singapore with operations in Indonesia and partnerships in Southeast Asia. Founded in 1995, Abacus Capital serves a select group of family-owned business groups and financial institutions.

Our core competencies are in private equity and special situations investing, which we couple with a wealth of experience in corporate finance and the capital markets.  Abacus Capital is strategically positioned to provide unique investment opportunities, in-house transaction execution, and customised asset management services.

Abacus Capital has a unique Family Office service for the ownership and management family-owned companies through its fund and wealth management activities.

Abacus Capital’s principal fund investment activity is in Special Situations investments.  Past industry focus has been in the Natural Resources, Mining, Oil & Gas and Services, and Energy sectors.  The Groups looks for investment opportunities that carry some or several of the following characteristics: Deep Value, Distressed & Turnaround, Accelerated Growth, and Significant Corporate Events. 


Abacus Capital provides advisory services its Family Office and Special Situations funds on Debt & Equity Capital Raising, Mergers & Acquisitions, Divestments, and Restructurings.  The Team at Abacus Capital is well networked with the myriad capital providers and strategic players in a variety of markets, and adopts a hands-on approach to deliver effective advisory solutions tailored to the often complex needs of our funds.

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Managed by a seasoned team of finance professionals well acquainted with the subtleties and idiosyncrasies of the Asian markets

Abacus Capital was founded in 1996 as an Asset Management and Advisory group to manage traditional debt funds for Asian financial institutions and family-owned business groups. In 1997, Abacus Capital successfully launched an investment business in Asian distressed assets, and began its advisory business a year later. In 2000, Abacus Capital began managing strategic investment portfolios for corporate investors and business families.  In 2003, Abacus Capital started its lifestyle investment portfolios.  Since 2006, Abacus Capital has been actively managing private funds under its Family Office services for a select group of business families from Asia and Europe.

The Group is managed by a seasoned team of finance professionals with a wealth of experience in investment and commercial banking, debt and equity capital markets, and portfolio management.  The management of Abacus Capital has worked over the past three decades in a variety of global financial capitals including New York, London, Hong Kong and Singapore.

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