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Asset Management

Abacus Capital has a proven track record in managing numerous funds in Asia through both bull and bear markets from the 1990’s to today

Abacus manages customized funds for business families, financial institutions and corporate groups.  The funds focus on specific industries, with a view to enhance value through strategic management and well-timed investment entries and exits.  Abacus Capital is licensed fund in Singapore since 1996, and our team has a wealth of experience in a variety of industries.

Abacus manages both Special Situation Funds and Family Office Funds. Portfolio assets include listed and unlisted shares, loans and bonds, properties, and fixed assets. Asset Management programs are customized to match the ownership requirements, investment focus and risk appetites of specific investors. Abacus manages several portfolios for large financial and corporate investors with specifically tailored investment requirements.

Abacus employs a variety of asset management platforms, including mutual funds, trusts, managed accounts and special purpose investment vehicles, to manage client portfolios.

Abacus Capital manages Special Situation funds for a variety of investors including business families, corporations and financial institutions. Investments are typically in distressed and deep value target opportunities.  Our funds have been active in a variety of industries, including natural resources, oil & gas, energy, and real estate.

​Abacus Capital manages a private fund platform that serves as Family Offices for the ownership and management of operating businesses and assets of business families. These funds are structured to achieve professional oversight and jurisdictional protection, estate planning and tax efficiency, while being fully compliant across multiple jurisdictions.


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